leather large tote-bag

2 colors, 2 sizes.

leather large tote-bag


You can wear it around the town as well as outdoors without hesitation. The large capacity big tote with wide frontage allows you to carry everything you need freely.


Based on the spirit of animal welfare, we use the highest quality steerhide (natural leather from adult cows) that has been processed with safety in mind by LWG (Leather Working Group) certified tanners.

"big" collection

The leather bag <big>, which is intended for outdoor use as well as town use, is equipped with waterproof and antibacterial functions, and is an item that colors the 'sporty chic' style proposed by thehighlights™. We are particular about flexibility and lightness as a leather product, and at the same time we have the strength to withstand ice cubes. Feel free to bring the tools you need for work, such as laptops, gadgets, and materials, in your work scene. For active scenes such as picnics and camping, you can freely carry camping tools and play mats. The design is a 'sporty chic' item proposed by thehighlights™, which is simply composed of leather and minimal stitching. Available in 2 sizes, Large/Medium.

*This is a product of THL "Natural Leather Project".

As leather products are made from leather (steer), which is a "by-product" of cows raised in the great outdoors, each piece of leather has a different look and may have scratches. Please note that this is a proof of nature. Our brand philosophy Realized with the spirit of animal welfare and high manufacturing technology of craftsmen It is a product of "Natural Leather Project".


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